Based in Rowville, Melbourne, with over 38 years experience, Suburban Insurance Brokers are dedicated to personalising your general insurance products for your specific needs. We will listen to what you say, answer questions, and source high quality protection at value pricing.  We strive to establish a successful partnership with our clients which respects their privacy, interests and goals.

Making the initial contact is the first step. What have you got to lose? You may end up with better policy coverage for a better price.

No more second guessing that your insurance actually suits your needs.  No more trying to remember who you are insured with. No more trying to deal with overseas call centres. One local call to our office and we will sort out your queries, quotes or claims.

Whether it is a commercial or retail business, trade, manufacturing or warehousing, farm, plant & equipment,  cars, trucks, homes, rentals and many more, we are here to help you.

Phone our Office today for a competitive quote with great policy coverage  (03) 9763 9553

Helen Urban  –  Principal & Senior Broker  0447 639553  helen@suburbaninsurance.com.au     

Karen Wood   –  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 0417 894 937 karen@suburbaninsurance.com.au      

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Suburban Insurance Brokers, P O Box 2522, Rowville, Vic, 3178 Phone – Office 03 9763 9553 or Helen Urban on 0447 639 553 helen@suburbaninsurance.com.au  ABN 53 624 823 490

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